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Pisanie by $wirus Sob Kwi 18, 2015 3:57 pm

Test Reklama DBD-Logo+Shenron

What We have?
*19 Balanced Professions
*Many maps, quests, tasks and missions
*Many items, monsters & hunting spots
*New techniques
*Unique Saga System
*Reflect System
*Beautiful graphics
*Reborn System
*Dragon Ball System
*Characters and Monsters are balanced - exquisitely fair gaming experience for everyone
*New transformations
*Positive atmosphere and people

Test Reklama Reklama-ss

About Us
Due to constant failures in producing robust and playable servers, a group of Dragon Ball fans decided to create their own one. Starting with their first attempt called 'DBViolent', they gained much popularity among people who valued similar interests; people who remember the awesomeness of waiting a whole week to watch an anime that with the progress of TV's quality, 'lost' its fans and attractiveness. The thing is... that awesomeness was never lost. The guys who felt chills on their back as Goku transformed into a Super Sayian are still here! If you remember that incredible atmosphere and dream of returning into the Dragon Ball world then I have some good news for you: a server made by players for players is out here and it's waiting for you to join it! Don't hesitate, begin your adventure right now, right here...

Why Us?
There are a few things that make us, us. We are people just like you. Outside of our work place, we look for times of fun and joy, to keep away for some time from the busy life that we were made to live. What we're doing here, is creating a place where this joy and fun can be found and basing on our childhood interests, we decided to build DBD - after all, our youth was always the period of our lives in which we were the happiest. The truly amazing thing is though, that you can become a part of this building process. You can become one of us.
If you're still not convinced, then check out the different aspects of DBD:

  • Even though the server is hosted in Poland, we are a team that aims at anyone who has ever been interested in Dragon Ball. So, if you are not a Polish player and went with the thought of thinking that we discriminate anyone in any way because of their heritage, then do not worry - we are an open, anti-racist community that invites all the Dragon Ball fans around the world to join it. Besides, the items from our shop can be bought from anywhere by either a text message, or through paypal. This was done, so that everyone has an equal chance to experience the tiny bonuses that we introduced to the server in order of keeping it online and healthy.
  • Our team is extremely experienced and spent years developing its OTserv making skills. Our main programmer, thanks to the projects that he has been involved in, is well known on the Polish forums and in the OT society. Because of such professionality and knowledge, we are able to bring anything that our heads can imagine into the game. I'm not kidding... anything. All we need are ideas, which are often provided by the players. If you want to suggest something, then feel free to do so; we are open to new concepts and always look out to bring new ones into life!
  • BNS provides the best experience you could ever have with an Open Tibia Server. Systems such as rebirth, dragon ball collecting, transformations and different aura colours will make your experience extraordinary and because we've created new monsters, spells and quests, an adventure that anyone can step with their feet on has been made. An example of a pretty cool feature of DBD is character development. As you level up, it will allow you to transform the looks and abilities of your little guy into some completely new ones!
  • Trust me, we have ears and we do listen. Constant updates will surely improve your experience - we do them at least once a month and always try to change the things that the players complained about. Therefore, if you find a bug, or simply want to report something that you don't enjoy, then remember that we will hear you out and consider what to do about it.

If you're still not sure about joining, then keep on reading to receive some extra info on DBD.
*Accmaker: dbdestination.eu
*Forum: soon
*Exp: x20
*Pvp-e: x9
*Max Rebeborn: 1000lvl
*TeamSpeak3: soon

The server is available until 26 April. 26 April - reset and Official Start!


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